> squints

whispers okay oh my god wow look at these gorgeous new people i want to smooch you all but that’s going to have to wait until i’m ready to get this blog moving again oh man oh man i just wanna say i appreciate all of you and pls. never be worried about approaching me. i don’t bite (i also have a skype if u want it???) so yes keep that in mind while i lay down for a nap and then hunt for themes. send me stuff if you want to start smth??? \o /


bro I’m real excited now like yes
I mean there’s so many nice people around here you’ll love it

and if u wanna be friends then yes hello

hhhhhhhh i love new friends so much you have no idea wowowowo
i’d be more energetic but i was up all night playing destiny on the xbone
and i’m ready to drop into a coma but omg i’m so happy now jesus take the wheel.

i should probably update my shit before i actually do that writing thing people usually do on dem RP blogs huh. gross i’m so excited and can’t handle.    h el p.


w ow you’re v kind and if you do end up keeping it rt/ah i’m glad because you seem rlly cool and stuff

but its also cool if you change i mean its ur blog do what u want

laughs i’d like to keep it, because like. it never had a chance to take off;
mostly because finding nice people to talk to is sort of hard, ya feel? so. ayyy!

i could always recycle another inactive blog too—— o/
tbh it was going to be switched to a creature blog which, lbr, isn’t very different.

itsjustak liked your post : lmao how are there still people here i was never…

> pets u aaah
hello lovely i was literally just about to convert this blog into a different one
but you know what i might just keep it rt/ah because you seem v nice tbh. o my.

lmao how are there still people here i was never really active——

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that awkward moment when you want to be active on a blog

 but nobody acknowledges you when you’re on it.

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michael looking cute as heck and also hot as fuck (◡‿◡✿)

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